Currently we work at the American International School – Riyadh. While this blog will contain information that pertains to both technology and education there is no link between it and our school. The material published here are our own personal views and opinions and is not mandated or promoted by our school. From time to time we will post material that is related to events that have occurred at our workplace but it will not contain information about the people we work with or pending events at the school.

Previously we worked for three years at GEMS American Academy in Abu Dhabi. Before working for GEMS we worked for a private english academy in Seoul, South Korea that no longer is in operation.


As stated previously this blog has been created for educational purposes. There are no financial incentives tied to this blog and there will be no advertising on this blog. This blog is designed for us to explore professional topics that are of interest to us and allow us to reflect on what we are working on and grow as a professional.  Occasionally we may write about services or products that we use at our school or that we find online and are interested in.  At no time have we been paid for sharing information related to any product.


Media Ties: We have no ties to any media organizations

Stocks:  While we do own stocks they are entirely ETF’s.  They do not represent any single company (frankly we couldn’t articulate on exactly what companies are owned in the ETF’s) and we will not be blogging about finance or any companies that we may own partial stock in.

Religion:  We do not attend any religious proceedings.  We will not blog about topics related to religion.

Politics:  We are not affiliated with any political organizations.  We will not blog about topics related to politics.


Unfortunately we have not received any free trips or materials as a result of our work or any publishing we may have done in the past.


We have never published something that has later been retracted or subject to a lawsuit or dispute.

This page is an adaptation of  a disclosure page created by Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org.  The structure has been replicated but the material contained within pertains to my personal views and history.